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Improve my AngularJS project with grunt

Some time a go I created issue 63 for my elasticsearch gui plugin. This issue was about improving the plugin with tools like grunt and bower. The plugin is an angularjs based library and it makes use of a number of other libraries like: d3, c3js, elasticsearch.js. In this blog post I am describing the steps I took to improve my web application using grunt and bower.


Create a REST endpoint on a Raspberry Pi using Amdatu

In this blogpost I am taking you on a short journey of creating an OSGi application using the Amdatu stack. The application can store a message and return the message using a REST endpoint. Of course we are going to develop using Intellij, which is a challenge compared to eclipse with the nice plugin called BndTools. As a dessert I’ll show you how to deploy to an OSGi container on the raspberry pi using Apache Ace.