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c3js directives for AngularJS

Some time a go I started experimenting with c3js, a nice library around the very popular D3 graphics library. It is all about creating nice looking charts with lots of options. When integrating this in an AngularJS application it is logical to create some reusable directives. The next step is to make these directives easily available to integrate in other projects. Nowadays the easiest way to do this in front-end projects is to use Bower. During development GruntJS helps with some tasks you just need to do.

In this blog post I am going to introduce you to the library, show you how I used it in my elasticsearch plugin and show some of the GruntJS functionality that help me during development.


Improve my AngularJS project with grunt

Some time a go I created issue 63 for my elasticsearch gui plugin. This issue was about improving the plugin with tools like grunt and bower. The plugin is an angularjs based library and it makes use of a number of other libraries like: d3, c3js, elasticsearch.js. In this blog post I am describing the steps I took to improve my web application using grunt and bower.