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Gather insights from user events – part 1

In this blog series I am going to explain our setup for a system that helps in getting insights based on user events. The solution generates events in the web application and in a mobile app. These events are send to a backend to be cleaned, enriched and stored. With these events we can create dashboards that show information about what the visitors do on the website and what pages are visited. We calculate the amount of visitors and the amount of visits to a page within a certain time window. The following image gives an overview of this solution.


I start with the event generation in the website and the mobile app. Both run AngularJS. The mobile app is built using Ionic, which is AngularJS as well. The events are send to a REST backend created as a spring boot application. The spring boot application stores the events in Kafka. Using the Kafka Streams API I’ll show you how to do some basic window based calculations. A long the way I’ll explain some of the concepts or point you to other resources. In the next blogs I am going to talk about Elastic Logstash and Kibana as well as Apache Flink.