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Elasticsearch 5 is coming, what is new and improved?

The guys at elastic have been working on the new 5.0 release of elastic and all the other products in their stack as well. From the first alpha release I have been playing around with new features. Wrote some blogposts about features I played around with. With release candidate 1 out, it is time to write a bit about the new features that I like, and (breaking) changes that I feel are important. Since it is a big release I need a big blog post, so don’t say I did not warn you.


Using the new elasticsearch 5 percolator

In the upcoming version 5 of elasticsearch the implementation for the percolator has changed a lot. They moved the percolator from being a separate endpoint and API to being a member of the search API. In the new version you can execute a percolator query. Big advantage is that you can now use everything you want in the query that you could already in all other queries. In this blogpost I am going to show how to use the new percolator by building a very basic news notification service


Upgrade your elasticsearch 1.x cluster to 5.x

Today I was reading about breaking changes in the upcoming 5.0 release of elasticsearch. I read about indexes that are created in 1.x cannot be migrated to 5.x. Even if they were created in the 1.x, migrated to 2.x they cannot be run in 5.x. Luckily there is a migration plugin for 2.4.x. To be a little bit prepared, I wanted to try it out for myself.