Codemotion Amsterdam 2016

The 11th and 12th of May 2016 Codemotion is coming to Amsterdam. Codemotion is an international conference coming to Milan, Berlin, Madrid, Dubai, Dublin, Tel Aviv and now Amsterdam. Jettro is going to speak about: Making your elastic cluster perform. But a lot of other speakers are sharing their passion and knowledge asa well. As The Codemotion crew themselves say: Codemotion is the ecosystem devoted to innovation, focused on developers and coding.

Conference background

As mentioned in the introduction, Codemotion is focussed on developers and coding. That is also the reason why they try to keep the price aas low as possible. If you are quick you can even register for less than 100 euro per day. That is 180 euro’s for two days. Incredible right? The program is not available at the moment, but some well known speakers will be presenting: Bert Jan Scrhijver, Bruce Lawson, Leslie Hawthorn, Davide Folletto Casali, Fran J. Gomez, Michael Newton, Seren Davies. Topic will range from best practices, to security and popular tools/frameworks. The location, Kromhouthal, is going to be very cool as well. More information can be found on the website. Also information about ticket pricing. If you want to stay up to dat, follow them on twitter: @CodemoAmsterdam

Jettro’s talk – Making your elastic cluster perform

It is not a surprise that Jettro is going to talk about something elastic oriented. At Luminis we have a lot of experience helping customers with their elasticsearch challenges as well as opportunities. In the past few years we have implemented multiple projects with elastic and guided multiple customers setting up their elasticsearch cluster. In this talk Jettro is going to share some of this experience by talking you through the steps of setting up your own cluster. Below some of the topics Jettro is going to discuss.

  • Size of the cluster – for some things the size of the cluster does not really matter. You always have to create the right mapping, think about your indices, number of shards, etc. But other things like having dedicated master nodes, the type of discovery of nodes are becoming more important for the bigger clusters.
  • Indexes and shards – Especially in this area the answer to all questions is It Depends. Jettro will discuss a few guidelines to help you make choices in this area.
  • Indexing your documents – Sending documents to elastic can be as easy as a few curl requests. Often you want a bit more control. You can create your own application, but also use tools like Logstash and Beats.
  • Searching your documents – If you have all your documents indexed, you most likely want to query them. Writing good queries is not hard if you keep some things in mind. Jettro will give some pointers here as well. He will also discuss how you can optimise your queries by evaluating your results using the explain api as well as the profile api.
  • Monitor your cluster – In the final bit Jettro will go through monitoring your cluster using th recommend line as well as by using a few tools.

Hope I have convinced you to buy a ticket be quick for the best prices and I hope to se you there.