Front-end engineer

As a front-end engineer at Luminis you’re responsible for building great usable products. We’re working on creating a lot of reusable components for frameworks like AngularJS and React. We expect you to be able to work with things like css/sass/less, html5, jQuery, npm, grunt and webpack. We also expect you to have a good understanding of how to create good dashboards and we expect you to be proactive in researching new technologies to build even better products.

Because we’re doing a lot of data driven project it’s going to be useful if you have experience with charting libraries to create charts and other kinds of data visualisations. For these visualisations we tend to use D3, but we’ve also done implementations with C3js, amcharts or other types of libraries.

Because we work in teams it would be useful if you’re also able to perform some basic backend tasks. Our reference architecture is usually a frontend connected to a backend via REST. Most of our backed applications are written in Java with Spring (Boot). It would be great if you can jump in when needed to create some Spring controllers in Java or adding a database to your local machine, so you can work with backenders to create successful projects.

What do we expect from our new front-end engineer?

  • BS in Information Systems / Computer Science, or equivalent degree;
  • Experience with Javascript frameworks like: jQuery, Angular.js, React, etc.
  • Experience with task runners like Gulp, Grunt or Webpack
  • Experience with Responsive design
  • Experience with W3 standards – CSS3, HTML5, Javascript
  • Knowledge of progressive enhancement and accessibility
  • Experience with SCRUM or other project methodologies
  • Experience with version control systems: Git, etc.