Data Engineer

As a data engineer, in addition to back-end software development, you have a strong focus on the data platform, as well as on the use of the platform by analysts and data scientists. You are responsible for the organization and maintenance of data infrastructures for our customers. You guide the customer in making decisions regarding technical solutions and recommend the right data infrastructure elements. We mainly work with technologies like SQL, Hadoop, Python, Spark and R.

The effort on projects can be very diverse, one time you work on a use case with a lead time of 2 weeks, the other time you put a proof of concept down in 2 months and the next time you are on a substantive job with a 1 year lead time. In short: you like complex puzzles but also want to shape the context of the puzzle!

What do we expect of our new Data Engineer?

  • BS in Information Systems / Computer Science, or equivalent degree;
  • Knowledge of Hadoop / Hortonworks environment;
  • Programming knowledge, eg Hadoop, Java, Python, R, Kafka and Spark;
  • Experience with SQL / NoSQL;
  • Knowledge / interest in data security solutions (eg Ranger and Knox);