Elasticon 2018 Day 1

The past few days have been fantastic. Together with Byron I am visiting San Francisco. We have seen amazing sights, but yesterday the reason why we came started. Day one of Elasticon starts with the keynote showing us cool new...

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  28 February, 2018 Jettro Coenradie

A practical guide to the quirks of Kafka Streams

Kafka Streams is a lightweight library that reads from a Kafka topic, does some processing and writes back to a Kafka topic. It processes messages one by one but is also able to keep some state. Because it leverages the...

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  26 February, 2018 Mendel van 't Riet

Tracing API’s: Combining Spring’s Sleuth, Zipkin & ELK

Tracing bugs, errors and the cause of lagging performance can be cumbersome, especially when functionality is distributed over multiple microservices. In order to keep track of these issues, the usage of an ELK stack (or any similar sytem) is already...

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  20 December, 2017 Rafaëla Breed

Providing developers and testers with a representative database using Docker

When developing or testing, having a database that comes pre-filled with relevant data can be a big help with implementation or a scenario walk-through. However, often there is only a structure dump of the production database available, or less. This...

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  11 December, 2017 Mark Krijgsman

A look at the source code of gensim doc2vec

Previously, we’ve built a simple PV-DBOW-‘like’ model (https://amsterdam.luminis.eu/2017/02/21/coding-doc2vec/). We’ve made a couple of choices, e.g., about how to generate training batches, how to compute the loss function, etc. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the choices made...

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  01 December, 2017 Richard Berendsen

A fresh look at Logstash

Soon after the release of elasticsearch it became clear that elasticsearch was good at more than providing search. It turned out that it could be used to store logs very effectively. That is why logstash was using elasticsearch. It contained...

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  31 October, 2017 Jettro Coenradie

World Summit AI 2017 Amsterdam – some highlights

From Wednesday October 11th to Thursday October 12th, the World Summit AI 2017 conference was held in Amsterdam. It had a terrific line-up, with top professors in the field of AI, like Stuart Russell and Yann LeCun, and ‘our own’...

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  26 October, 2017 Richard Berendsen

Elasticsearch 6 is coming

For some time now, elasticsearch has been releasing versions of the new major release elasticsearch 6. At this moment the latest edition is already rc1, so it is time to start thinking about migrating to the latest and greatest. What...

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   Jettro Coenradie

A single data store called Redux

Redux is a data store container for JavaScript apps. I’m currently on a team, that’s building an application for the government in three months. We use React and Redux in the front-end. This combination works well for us. In this...

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  23 October, 2017 Sander Meinema