The Forgotten Step in CRISP-DM and ASUM-DM Methodologies

CRISP-DM stands for the cross-industry standard process for data mining which an open standard for data mining existing since 1999 and proposed by IBM. CRISP-DM suggests a set of steps to perform data mining projects to maximize the success of...

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  17 August, 2018 Majid Bahrepour

Documenting Hypermedia REST APIs with Spring REST Docs

Last year, at the end of summer, the project I was working on required a public REST API. During the requirements gathering phase we discussed the ‘level’ of our future REST API. In case you’re unfamiliar with Leonard Richardson’s REST...

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  23 July, 2018 Jeroen Reijn
Planning Poker Cards 0, 1, 2, 3, 8, and 13

Scrum: Magic Estimation

Sometimes your Product Owner or the business wants to know how much work there is on the Product Backlog. They want to get an idea for the Roadmap ahead. Or perhaps to acquire some (internal) funds. Or as a Scrum...

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  09 July, 2018 Sander Meinema

Setting up data analytics pipeline: the best practices

1 Datapipeline Architect Example In a data science analogy with the automotive industry, the data plays the role of the raw-oil which is not yet ready for combustion. The data modeling phase is comparable with combustion in the engines and...

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  22 June, 2018 Majid Bahrepour

Looking back on AWS Summit Benelux 2018

Last week I visited AWS Summit Benelux together with Sander. AWS Summit is all about cloud computing and the topics that surround cloud computing. This being my first AWS conference I can say it was a really nice experience. Sure...

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  06 June, 2018 Jeroen Reijn

Tech day: Facial recognition on my magic mirror

Last month we had another tech day! On this day we try to do cool stuff. This time I had the idea to use facial recognition on my magic mirror (See my previous blog). So with a group of 5...

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  05 June, 2018 Roberto van der Linden

Indoor positioning at our developer conference

A few months ago we had a meeting with a potential client. They told us that they were looking into indoor navigation/positioning so they could use that to provide visitors of their events a better experience. After some research and...

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  30 April, 2018 Roberto van der Linden

What I’ve Learned About Kubernetes

So, I recently finished a course about Kubernetes (and Docker and Google Cloud): Scalable Microservices with Kubernetes. Unfortunately, it’s only been a couple of days since then, and I’m already not exactly sure about what I learned. To start with,...

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  24 April, 2018 Marco Rietveld

Creating an Elastic Canvas for Twitter while visiting Elasticon 2018

The past week we visited Elasticon 2018 in San Francisco. In our previous blog post we wrote about the Keynote and some of the more interesting new features of the elastic stack. In this blog post, we take one of...

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  14 March, 2018 Jettro Coenradie