Creating a search DSL

As an (elastic)search expert, I regularly visit customers. For these customers I often do a short analysis of their search solution and I give advice about improvements they can make. It is always interesting to look at solutions customers come...

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  28 June, 2017 Jettro Coenradie

Scrum: Daily Stand-Up

Has your Daily Scrum become a bit boring? Is everybody just sending, but not listening? Has the interaction been lost? Then it’s time to spice up your stand-up! It wasn’t this awful in my team, but during one of our...

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  26 June, 2017 Sander Meinema

Fixing the long startup time of my Java application running on macOS Sierra

At my current project, we’re developing an application based on Spring Boot. During my normal development cycle, I always start the application from within IntelliJ by means of a run configuration that deploys the application to a local Tomcat container....

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  10 May, 2017 Jeroen Reijn

Scrum: Retrospective

The Scrum Retrospective is the closing ritual of a Sprint. This is the moment for the team to reflect on the past Sprint. For good collaboration and productivity of the team it is important to take time to improve these...

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  05 May, 2017 Sander Meinema
Logo of Apigee


At one of my former projects at a client of Luminis I got the opportunity to work with Apigee. Apigee is a platform for APIs. In this blog I’ll describe in an overview its features. In Apigee APIs can be...

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  14 April, 2017 Sander Meinema

Monitoring our Devcon app backend with Elastic Beats

Last week was our Luminis conference called Devcon 2017. For the third time we organise this conference with around 500 attendees and 20 speakers. This year we wanted to have a mobile app with the conference program and information about...

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  11 April, 2017 Jettro Coenradie

A beginners guide to the SMACK stack – Part 2: Mesos

In the first part of this series, we’ve briefly looked at the technologies that make up the SMACK stack. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at one of the fundamental layers of the stack: Apache Mesos. What is Apache Mesos? Apache...

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  05 April, 2017 Jeroen Reijn

Coding doc2vec

In two previous posts, we googled doc2vec [1] and “implemented” [2] a simple version of a doc2vec algorithm. You could say we gave the specifications for a doc2vec algorithm. But we did not actually write any code. In this post,...

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  21 February, 2017 Richard Berendsen

Looking ahead: new field collapsing feature in Elasticsearch

At Luminis Amsterdam, Search is one of our main focus points. Because of that, we closely keep an eye out for upcoming features. Only a few weeks ago, I noticed that the following pull request (“Add field collapsing for search...

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  20 February, 2017 Byron Voorbach