Using Compound words in Elasticsearch

From one of our customers, we got a question about using compound words in queries. Compound words are essential in languages like Dutch and German. Some examples in Dutch are zomervakantie, kookboek and koffiekopje. When a user enters koffiekopje, we...

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  24 January, 2019 Jettro Coenradie

Axon Metrics with Spring Boot 2 + Prometheus + Grafana

Included in the Axon framework is a module that will collect metrics on the different Axon message types (commands, events and queries). In this blog, I will explain how to use the Axon metrics module in combination with Prometheus and...

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  17 January, 2019 Marijn van Zelst
gsa to elasticsearch

Migrating from GSA to Elasticsearch with ANTLR

Starting January 1st of 2019, the Google Search Appliance (GSA) is set to be EOL. For one of my clients, we have chosen Elasticsearch as our alternative from 2019 onwards. However, there was one problem; the current GSA solution is...

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  07 January, 2019 Mark Krijgsman

How to bring your python machine learning model in production using RESTful APIs

In recent years there is much attention to bringing machine learning models in production whereas up to a few years ago the results of machine learning came into slides or some dashboards. Bringing machine learning in production is important to...

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  07 December, 2018 Majid Bahrepour

Mastering Two-Way TLS

This tutorial will walk you through the process of protecting your application with TLS authentication, only allowing access for certain users. This means that you can choose which users are allowed to call your application. This sample project demonstrates a...

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  05 December, 2018 Hakan Altindag

Being relevant with Solr

Ok, I have to admit, I am not (yet) a Solr expert. However, I have been working now with elasticsearch for years and the fundamentals of obtaining relevant results for Solr and Elasticsearch are still the same. For a customer,...

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  01 December, 2018 Jettro Coenradie

Monitoring Spring Boot applications with Prometheus and Grafana

At my current project, we’ve been building three different applications. All three applications are based on Spring Boot, but have very different workloads. They’ve all reached their way to the production environment and have been running steadily for quite some...

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  22 November, 2018 Jeroen Reijn

How to Install PySpark and Apache Spark on MacOS

Here is an easy Step by Step guide to installing PySpark and Apache Spark on MacOS. Step 1: Get Homebrew Homebrew makes installing applications and languages on a Mac OS a lot easier. You can get Homebrew by following the...

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  12 November, 2018 Majid Bahrepour

Elasticsearch instances for integration testing

In my latest project I have implemented all communication with my Elasticsearch cluster using the high level REST client. My next step was to setup and teardown an Elasticsearch instance automatically in order to facilitate proper integration testing. This article...

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  20 August, 2018 Mark Krijgsman