Coding doc2vec

In two previous posts, we googled doc2vec [1] and “implemented” [2] a simple version of a doc2vec algorithm. You could say we gave the specifications for a doc2vec algorithm. But we did not actually write any code. In this post,...

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  21 February, 2017 Richard Berendsen

Looking ahead: new field collapsing feature in Elasticsearch

At Luminis Amsterdam, Search is one of our main focus points. Because of that, we closely keep an eye out for upcoming features. Only a few weeks ago, I noticed that the following pull request (“Add field collapsing for search...

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  20 February, 2017 Byron Voorbach

Creating an elasticsearch plugin, the basics

Elasticsearch is a search solution based on Lucene. It comes with a lot of features to enrich the search experience. Some of these features have been recognised as very useful in the analytics scene as well. Interacting with elasticsearch mainly...

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  31 January, 2017 Jettro Coenradie

Implementing doc2vec

In a previous post [1], we’ve taken a look at what doc2vec is, who invented it, what it does, what implementations exist, and what has been written about it. In this post, we will work out the details of a...

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  30 January, 2017 Richard Berendsen

Googling doc2vec

On this site, recently, we featured a blog post [12] that used Doc2vec [4]. What is Doc2vec? Where does it come from? What does it do? Why use doc2vec, instead of other algorithms that do the same? What implementations exist? Where...

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  16 January, 2017 Richard Berendsen

Alternating Least Squares with implicit feedback – The search for alpha

So you want to build a recommendation engine with ALS… You search the internet for some example code in your language of choice… You copy paste the code and start tweaking… But then you realize that your data is different...

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  04 December, 2016 Mendel van 't Riet

Machine learning – an example

In my previous blog post, I tried to give some intuition on what neural networks do. I explained that when given the right features, the neural network can generalize and identify regions of the same class in the feature space....

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  15 November, 2016 Marijn van Zelst

Machine learning from a software engineer’s perspective

A couple of years ago I started to pursue my interest in machine learning. At that time, machine learning was more an academic area of computing. It was hard to put in practice. In this article, I want to show...

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  25 October, 2016 Marijn van Zelst

Elasticsearch 5 is coming, what is new and improved?

The guys at elastic have been working on the new 5.0 release of elastic and all the other products in their stack as well. From the first alpha release I have been playing around with new features. Wrote some blogposts...

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  18 October, 2016 Jettro Coenradie