About Sander Meinema

Sander is a Software Engineer and Scrum Master at Luminis. He likes to build something useful, but also to facilitate a productive environment for the team. With a background in mathematics, he has strong analytical skills which he can not only apply to code but also to smooth processes.

Planning Poker Cards 0, 1, 2, 3, 8, and 13

Scrum: Magic Estimation

Posted on 2018-07-09 by

Sometimes your Product Owner or the business wants to know how much work there is on the Product Backlog. They want to get an idea for the Roadmap ahead. Or perhaps to acquire some (internal) funds. Or as a Scrum...

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A single data store called Redux

Posted on 2017-10-23 by

Redux is a data store container for JavaScript apps. I’m currently on a team, that’s building an application for the government in three months. We use React and Redux in the front-end. This combination works well for us. In this...

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Scrum: Daily Stand-Up

Scrum: Daily Stand-Up

Posted on 2017-06-26 by

Has your Daily Scrum become a bit boring? Is everybody just sending, but not listening? Has the interaction been lost? Then it’s time to spice up your stand-up! It wasn’t this awful in my team, but during one of our...

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Scrum Retrospective

Scrum: Retrospective

Posted on 2017-05-05 by

The Scrum Retrospective is the closing ritual of a Sprint. This is the moment for the team to reflect on the past Sprint. For good collaboration and productivity of the team it is important to take time to improve these...

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Logo of Apigee


Posted on 2017-04-14 by

At one of my former projects at a client of Luminis I got the opportunity to work with Apigee. Apigee is a platform for APIs. In this blog I’ll describe in an overview its features. In Apigee APIs can be...

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