About Marijn van Zelst

A Software Engineer who always tries to maximize business value, long and short term, when developing software. Successful in applying Behavior Driven Development (BDD) techniques focusing on business processes. Successful in using Domain Driven Design (DDD) principles to create more maintainable systems. By using these techniques in an Agile fashion tries to bring the business and the developers closer together when improving or developing new business processes. Applies novel techniques into practical and creative solutions.

As a lead developer directs a development team in writing better and more maintainable code using techniques like DDD, BDD and CQRS.

Has a broad background in Software Development, Distributed Systems and Machine Learning. Spoken on several software development conferences about Machine Learning for software engineers.

Machine learning – an example

Posted on 2016-11-15 by

In my previous blog post, I tried to give some intuition on what neural networks do. I explained that when given the right features, the neural network can generalize and identify regions of the same class in the feature space....

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