How to bring your ...

In recent years there is much attention to bringing machine learning models in production whereas up to a few years ago the results of machine learning came into slides or some dashboards. Bringing machine learning in production is important to...

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  07 December, 2018 Majid Bahrepour

Mastering Two-Way TLS

This tutorial will walk you through the process of protecting your application with TLS authentication, only allowing access for certain users. This means that you can choose which users are allowed to call your application. This sample project demonstrates a...

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  05 December, 2018 Hakan Altindag

Being relevant with Solr

Ok, I have to admit, I am not (yet) a Solr expert. However, I have been working now with elasticsearch for years and the fundamentals of obtaining relevant results for Solr and Elasticsearch are still the same. For a customer,...

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  01 December, 2018 Jettro Coenradie

Our Mission

Our mission is to create sustainable and profitable digital business ecosystems by connecting our data driven solutions and technology craftmenship to business innovators and result-driven entrepreneurs.

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Big data

The amount of data worldwide is growing exponentially. This can be a valuable source of business intelligence, provided the right tools and methods are used to obtain knowledge from this vast and growing amount of information.

Take for instance one tweet: it may seem only a 140 character message, but it represents a surprisingly rich blend of data and metadata like where the message was tweeted from, by whom, when, etc. Interpreting Big Data requires smart search solutions that can handle both structured and unstructured data. These solutions should not only provide answers to our questions, but also to the questions we didn’t think of. And right now please, because tomorrow is too late.

Luminis Amsterdam knows how your organization can benefit from Big Data. Together we can enhance your customer intimacy, improve your decision making and step up your overall performance.


Want to be part of Luminis Amsterdam? Want to help grow our company to be the best company in Search, Big data and analytics? Want to learn from peers and experts. Than check our vacancies and career opportunities.

More about careers

Full-stack developer

What is a fullstack developer? For us, a full stack developer means someone who can get along well in for example backend development and is healthy interested in front-end. But the other way can also be fine, so a good...

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Monuta – Online Insurance Module

Consumers inform themselves on the internet and more and more insurance products are effectively sold online. Monuta has traditionally been a strong ...

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Traditionally everyone in the classroom follows the same learning material at the same tempo. However we believe that every student should be ...

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INAETICS – Open Innovation project

The ever increasing speed of innovation is driven by information technology. It impacts our energy networks, defence and security systems and our ...

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